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Tax Advantage Change

Have you been considering a home-based business but need ‘something else’ to help you decide? What about a change in the tax law, a change effective Jan. 1, 2012, that affects tax deductions of start-up costs? There is a definite advantage to getting yourself into position for a home-based business before Jan. 1. Ask me for a special report from Home Business Tax Savings.

Consistent advice from financial successes (think Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki) points to the overwhelming advantages of a part-time home-based business. On the basis of their counsel, I’ll be sharing some points to consider with that decision.

For now, send me an email and ask for your free report.  Of course, I am not a tax advisor, and there is a disclaimer on the bottom of the report as well.  This is simply information and should not be taken as tax advice.


Motivation for Change

“We generally change ourselves for one of two reasons: inspiration or desperation.” Jim Rohn.

In today’s economy, it certainly seems that many people are considering change because of the desperate nature of their circumstances. You may be one of those people.

It’s December.  2011 was perhaps not stellar for you and your family.  You don’t want 2012 to be a repeat!

Referring to the above quote, desperation may get you jump-started to consider change and you might even make an attempt to do something different, but I have not observed it to provide lasting motivation for change.

However, if you are committed to personal development, inspiration enters the change-scene. You can discover why you want to change (typically it needs to be more than money!). You can then discover how to change. Inspirational motivation could lead you to then inspire family and friends.  Don’t you want to be involved in that process?

It may be that although it is one situation/emotion/passion that gets you started on a path that is actually a change (a new business, a new lifestyle, a new relationship, a new location), you may have to discover something else that keeps you motivated…keeps you moving down that path toward your  bigger dream/your goal.

As a student and then a teacher, I had not thought very deeply about why I was doing a particular thing.  Whatever I was doing just seemed like the right thing to do…it was logical.

However, over the years of owning a business, I’ve had to discover my ‘why.’  Others who started this venture with me had fallen by the wayside.  I kept going. Why?

For me it had to be more than making money, more than the fantastic incentive trips, more than the friendships of business associates and customers, and even more than making a difference in people’s lives—all of which happen in my business by the way.

Two factors continue to surface whenever I examine my motivation for persevering with business: freedom in determining my schedule, and time with family.  The two have become almost inseparable because we are separated from our entire family living here in Columbus.

Geographically, we have family in AZ, TN, IL, SC.  We’re not exactly clustered!

Right now, when I have opportunity, there is a very strong pull toward Phoenix because of these two little boys. Imagine that!


Discovery of a new train

'devoted to one another in brotherly love'

What’s your motivation for change? What is your WHY that keeps you headed in the direction of your dreams?

I’d love to read your comments below.

The Rest of the Story

Most of my readers know that we welcomed our second grandson, Sawyer William, a week ago, November 1, into our Phoenix family.  Sawyer and Erin are doing well, Daniel our son is happily taking on the role of father of two boys; Greyson, at 2 years and 3 months, is giving signs of enjoying his new role as big brother.  Erin shared some details- and photos- about God’s answers to prayer re: Sawyer’s birth at her blog.

The family plan was that Erin’s parents would be able to arrive in Phoenix just before the planned birth, Nov. 11.  Other family would come for Thanksgiving, and my time was going to be right after Thanksgiving.  I knew that was going to put family visits for the kids into three weeks of visitors, a challenge for anyone.  I knew we were planning to come out in early January, and said, ‘It’s OK- we’ll just wait for our January visit.”  Erin asked, ‘Are you sure you’re OK with that?’  I took a deep breath- realized that a January visit would mean it would be six months between visits with Greyson, the longest I hadn’t seen him- and said, ‘It’s OK.’

I trusted God that the decision I was making was the best for everyone.

Someone reading this who is not a ‘far-away’ nana or grandpa, may not understand that letting go of what I wanted was very difficult. Here’s another insight:

I have had this little story posted on my bulletin board  in front of me for about 3 years:

                                  A little boy was asked where his grandma lived.                                                                                     He replied, ‘Oh, she lives at the airport.                                                                        When we want to visit with her, we go and pick her up there.                          And then when the visit is over, we take her back to the airport.’

That little story has really hit home with me, because it is, indeed, how Greyson might describe my situation right now- but trust me,  I don’t want our relationship to be like that forever!

A multitude of emotions were swirling around in my heart and head as I took a deep breath and said, ‘It’s OK.’

A few days later we got the call from Daniel re: their decision to move, and their timetable to accomplish that before Sawyer arrived.  God put it in my heart to volunteer to help. The kids were very appreciative.

I couldn’t have volunteered to be of assistance in October had I insisted on a November visit. God had the timetable for my next visit already penciled in.  How disappointed I would have been on insisting on my own schedule and not being able to help with the move.

The bottom line: God loves us very, very much.  God wants us to be content with what He gives us- and we demonstrate that by trusting Him (Ps. 37: 4a, 5). God gives us the desires of our heart (Ps. 37:4b).

I know this is a very different blog from what I typically share, but I know that the spiritual component of wellness cannot be ignored or cut-out of man. The peace and joy that resulted from the decision to totally trust the Lord with my desires for a visit to the kids were rewards enough. Giving me a reason for an October visit was ‘so like my God.’  The past week of business energy and activity has been amazing to witness as well. Partnering with God where He is already at work is truly awesome.

What about you? Have you experienced the vitality of the spiritual component in your life and business?  Feel free to share your comments.

A Different Target Market

What kind of a future do the young men and women face when they leave the military? Since Nathan has just been discharged by the Army after serving almost 6 years, and is in the job-seeking phase, this question has been on the top of my mind.

Although I first became aware of the challenges when Nathan was still serving in Afghanistan, according to an article I read this morning,  the current unemployment rate is still  very high for veterans.

However, as I am listening to Nathan’s experience since he has arrived home and is going through the discharge process, I am happy to say that efforts have been made to provide the vets with more counseling and direction so that they can better make the transition from the military life to civilian life.  This is good news.

This week I read an article posted by Legal Zoom which will  provide you with encouragement that others are making tangible moves to undergird our military families.  Here’s the link to the article.

With some expressed political attitudes reflecting little military support- or even willingness to throw this group of Americans under the bus because ‘they knew what the risks were when they signed up, so asking them to pay for their own health care would be just a little request…’- I hope you too will appreciate this veteran’s business.

Perhaps you are connected to a business that could join efforts, and actually provide a discount to military families.

May I suggest that you pass this information on to a family member/friend in the military, and let them know that there are many here in the USA who are standing with them in tangible ways.

When you join the efforts of others in supporting a cause bigger than you are, it provides a higher sense of purpose—an intangible that positively impacts your health!


Family Time and Focus, Part 2

Since my last post about family, much has happened in our lives here in Columbus, and with our extended family in Phoenix!

Let me back track to my time with the kids before I get into the news  (next post).

Here’s what else happened on that particular Sunday night after the van coasted to the curb (go back and read Part 1).  My son came home after a very long day of ministry- he does video production at Scottsdale Bible Church, and Sunday is a ‘work day’ with three services- looked at Erin and me as we sat at the table eating dinner and simply said, “How about if we do something different tonight, like play a board game?’

What a great idea! We all set aside our agendas, got Greyson into bed, and the kids introduced me to Settlers of Catan, a board game that, to my brain, wasn’t the easiest to jump into- but provided a couple of hours of family time…and surprise, surprise,  I won!

I so appreciated that Daniel was sensitive enough to suggest a different activity (no iphones, no texting, no laptops!) that occupied all three of us in an interactive way. We had not had any time together outside of packing, loading and unloading boxes, and cleaning. We had all been working very hard. We needed game time!

In this particular situation, although one of us made the suggestion, the other two had to make the commitment to set aside personal desires, and interact with a different activity.  Erin and I both chose to do that- and I’m glad we did.

Sometimes being together looks like this: everyone is in the same room, but we are each pursuing a different activity: someone is watching a movie, someone is editing photos on a laptop, someone is sending cards, etc.  Sometimes being together looks like this: everyone is participating in the same activity.

Seems like it is important for families to take time to do both. Good family activity should be a stress-reducer!

Do you keep your schedule open enough to allow for spontaneous suggestions of family time, whether it is a walk around the block with everyone in tow, or a board game, or reading a book to a little one with everyone listening?

OR is every evening filled with an out-of-house activity  by one or more family members?

OR does work (i.e., answering phone calls) spill over into the evening hours?

What does your family time look like?

If you need a different picture, give me a call, 614,804.0291, and let me give you a suggestion about an option.

Dealing with Perfectionism

DONE is better than perfect.  Alan Weiss PhD

Yesterday I met Andrea, a college student who confessed that writing papers almost paralyzes her.  As we continued to talk, she shared that it was a perfectionism streak that stopped her from moving forward with a writing project.  She said that she had recently begun a new tactic: take action in spite of the fear.  I encouraged her by saying that she was being very wise in taking steps to overcome this limiting belief now, at her young age.  There are many adults who are paralyzed in life because they are afraid of taking the wrong step.

How do you operate on a daily basis: do you get a project done—or are you paralyzed by a perfectionist streak? Leave your comments below.

Leaders inspire from their Why

Last night I attended a networking event for a group I recently discovered.  It was well-organized, provided opportunity for interaction, and I got a fantastic foot massage from Beth, an LMT on the scene! Thank you , Beth.

I had a meaningful conversation with Margaret, who, because of the seasonal nature of her business, is looking for not only an income stream, but wants to work with a team on a meaningful project.  She immediately mentioned a friend who is also ‘looking for something’ with purpose.  Margaret was intrigued by the program that my social entrepreneur business supports, the Give for Real program. We will get together next week so that I can share with her how we use our business model to provide nutrient-dense food to existing not-for-profit programs in a variety of countries, including the US, that are serving at-risk children. It’s a blessing to partner with a company that has a vision for changing the lives of five million children through its Give for Real program.

If you are personally looking for a purposeful project that includes an income stream, let’s talk.  I have an idea to share with you that could be transforming!

Contact me via phone or email: