It’s a Brand New Day!

100 years ago, a Polish biochemist Casimer Funk, made a fascinating discovery that spawned the huge nutritional supplement industry most of us support.  Read about Funk’s role and what he discovered here. Unfortunately, the industry quickly got off on the easy track of providing high-dose, synthetic supplements.  Currently about 95% of the supplements sold are formulated from rocks, coal tar, and petroleum- not good for our bodies!

Today, the nutritional company with which I partner, Mannatech, is releasing for public purchase a totally different nutritional supplement that might interest you.  NutriVerus, which means ‘true or real nutrition,’ is an easy-to-use and affordable nutritional powder that can be added to just about anything, with this result: that food or drink will be the most nutritious  you take in all day- and you won’t even know it’s in there!

NutriVerus is a blend of several of Mannatech’s patented and nutritionally effective technologies, including glyconutritionals, anti-oxidants, and hydroponically grown fruits and vegetables, all in a base of Stabilized Rice Bran and organic fruits and vegetables.

If you’d like to know more about NutriVerus, you can go to this website, watch a short video, and read about the benefits of this unique product.

If you’d like to order it for yourself or your family, get in touch with me via phone (614.804.0291) or email (  The price is very affordable, but the icing on the cake is that Mannatech put a customer program in place that allows customers to receive discount credits on their next purchase, and that could mean free products!

Sound interesting?

I look forward to hearing from you very soon.


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