Puddle Stomping

I just read this post by someone I don’t know, on a site I don’t think I could find again… but I love the sentiment:

“When my daughter was little, I use to require that she go outside with me and dance in the rain, stomp in puddles and squish mud. Now, a senior in college, she is still a rain dancer. I think this is a life skill everyone should have.”

Reminds me of a Sunday after church, in Ft. Myers.  It had rained while we were inside, and there were puddles in the parking lot.  I watched as two moms of sons responded to the obvious temptation of…you guessed it…boys stomping in the puddles. One mom very sternly grabbed her son (about 3 years older than Daniel, who was probably 4 at the time) and would not let him even get near the puddles.  The other mom was simply distracted and her three boys ran and jumped in the puddles, much to the chagrin of those walking nearby.

I was a relatively new mom- and the pastor’s wife. These two moms were my ‘mentors,’ unbeknownst to them.  Actually they were consistently opposites in their child-rearing techniques, and thus provided me with extreme examples of how I could respond.

On this Sunday, I chose the middle ground.  Going through the puddles was great fun, but to me, there seemed to be no point in ruining shoes or getting adults upset about normal boy behavior.  My boys were eyeing the puddles and were about to make a break for them. I corralled them, knelt down and  took off Daniel’s and Nathan’s shoes…rolled up their pants…and said,

‘Go run in the puddles.’

I don’t remember them hesitating.

They had a blast…and so did I, watching them have fun. I think it was a win, win- although we didn’t talk like that 30 years ago. Yes, Daniel will be 30 years old on Jan. 1!!

It will be fun to watch my boys let their boys be boys!

What about you? Did you ever have a ‘go-run-in-the-puddles’ moment with your kids? Will there be an opportunity while the kids are home from school to have a puddle-stomping moment? Take it!


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