Holiday Family Time

Do you play games as a family…I mean board games? Have you ever captured the event on video? Keep reading!

Ed and I headed over to LaGrange, IL on Wednesday for Thanksgiving with my family.

We spent a nice afternoon with my mom, showed her  videos of Greyson (her first great- grandson) that were posted on Youtube, including one of the most recent ones of Greyson reading to Sawyer (3 weeks old!). The ending is priceless!

The challenge was that we had three sets of rules: my mom plays dominoes regularly with her friends and of course, they follow the rules-with a few ‘in-house’ variations; Jaimie, my niece, was reading the official rules; and the third set came from Jaimie’s experience. Sound familiar? Do you ever play family games with a variety of rules?

During play, I pulled out my iphone and captured some unique footage. This first clip shows one of our interactions about the rules. The second clip features the family realizing the challenge of changing the rules.  The third clip   recorded everyone processing the implications of my mom and Jaimie rolling their second Yahtzee (lots of points and pretty impossible to beat!)

Family time around board games must be unique in every family.  I would love to hear about your family experiences, either memories as a child, or currently as an adult.


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