Only 4 more days!

Anticipation is escalating as Thanksgiving Day is almost here!

Anticipation may be the wrong word to describe your emotions depending on what side of the table you will be sitting…are you hosting, are you simply showing up (we are :), do you like your family (we do!) or not …

Just came across a great post on in which Dr. Stephen Boyd shares some healthy wisdom about Thanksgiving. Conversation about family members may include health tidbits that can be instructive for personal decisions: for example, realizing the number of relatives affected by cancer could propel you to make common-sense decisions about food and activity habits… starting now!

Dr. Boyd also shares a great reminder to include activity as part of your family time: get everyone moving!

A  post on HealthyScience by Nina Fuller, referenced in my previous post “4500 Calories on Thanksgiving Day?” gave great suggestions for healthy substitutions of traditional menu favorites.  If you are the one providing the majority of the food (or just bringing one dish), consider sharing a healthy alternative.  You will be pleasantly surprised at how good healthy can taste- and the raves you will get from everyone about how good it was.

I’m looking forward to excellent food and family time this week.  There is a special element of ‘tasting good’ when food is prepared in a healthy way to look and taste tremendous. However, our entire family is committed to enjoy our time together—and for us, that means moderation, self-control, healthy choices, a good walk outside, and maybe even a board game .

A coaching comment I heard early on in my business is a good one for closing:
Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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