The Rest of the Story

Most of my readers know that we welcomed our second grandson, Sawyer William, a week ago, November 1, into our Phoenix family.  Sawyer and Erin are doing well, Daniel our son is happily taking on the role of father of two boys; Greyson, at 2 years and 3 months, is giving signs of enjoying his new role as big brother.  Erin shared some details- and photos- about God’s answers to prayer re: Sawyer’s birth at her blog.

The family plan was that Erin’s parents would be able to arrive in Phoenix just before the planned birth, Nov. 11.  Other family would come for Thanksgiving, and my time was going to be right after Thanksgiving.  I knew that was going to put family visits for the kids into three weeks of visitors, a challenge for anyone.  I knew we were planning to come out in early January, and said, ‘It’s OK- we’ll just wait for our January visit.”  Erin asked, ‘Are you sure you’re OK with that?’  I took a deep breath- realized that a January visit would mean it would be six months between visits with Greyson, the longest I hadn’t seen him- and said, ‘It’s OK.’

I trusted God that the decision I was making was the best for everyone.

Someone reading this who is not a ‘far-away’ nana or grandpa, may not understand that letting go of what I wanted was very difficult. Here’s another insight:

I have had this little story posted on my bulletin board  in front of me for about 3 years:

                                  A little boy was asked where his grandma lived.                                                                                     He replied, ‘Oh, she lives at the airport.                                                                        When we want to visit with her, we go and pick her up there.                          And then when the visit is over, we take her back to the airport.’

That little story has really hit home with me, because it is, indeed, how Greyson might describe my situation right now- but trust me,  I don’t want our relationship to be like that forever!

A multitude of emotions were swirling around in my heart and head as I took a deep breath and said, ‘It’s OK.’

A few days later we got the call from Daniel re: their decision to move, and their timetable to accomplish that before Sawyer arrived.  God put it in my heart to volunteer to help. The kids were very appreciative.

I couldn’t have volunteered to be of assistance in October had I insisted on a November visit. God had the timetable for my next visit already penciled in.  How disappointed I would have been on insisting on my own schedule and not being able to help with the move.

The bottom line: God loves us very, very much.  God wants us to be content with what He gives us- and we demonstrate that by trusting Him (Ps. 37: 4a, 5). God gives us the desires of our heart (Ps. 37:4b).

I know this is a very different blog from what I typically share, but I know that the spiritual component of wellness cannot be ignored or cut-out of man. The peace and joy that resulted from the decision to totally trust the Lord with my desires for a visit to the kids were rewards enough. Giving me a reason for an October visit was ‘so like my God.’  The past week of business energy and activity has been amazing to witness as well. Partnering with God where He is already at work is truly awesome.

What about you? Have you experienced the vitality of the spiritual component in your life and business?  Feel free to share your comments.


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