A Different Target Market

What kind of a future do the young men and women face when they leave the military? Since Nathan has just been discharged by the Army after serving almost 6 years, and is in the job-seeking phase, this question has been on the top of my mind.

Although I first became aware of the challenges when Nathan was still serving in Afghanistan, according to an article I read this morning,  the current unemployment rate is still  very high for veterans.

However, as I am listening to Nathan’s experience since he has arrived home and is going through the discharge process, I am happy to say that efforts have been made to provide the vets with more counseling and direction so that they can better make the transition from the military life to civilian life.  This is good news.

This week I read an article posted by Legal Zoom which will  provide you with encouragement that others are making tangible moves to undergird our military families.  Here’s the link to the article.

With some expressed political attitudes reflecting little military support- or even willingness to throw this group of Americans under the bus because ‘they knew what the risks were when they signed up, so asking them to pay for their own health care would be just a little request…’- I hope you too will appreciate this veteran’s business.

Perhaps you are connected to a business that could join efforts, and actually provide a discount to military families.

May I suggest that you pass this information on to a family member/friend in the military, and let them know that there are many here in the USA who are standing with them in tangible ways.

When you join the efforts of others in supporting a cause bigger than you are, it provides a higher sense of purpose—an intangible that positively impacts your health!



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