Family Time and Focus, Part 2

Since my last post about family, much has happened in our lives here in Columbus, and with our extended family in Phoenix!

Let me back track to my time with the kids before I get into the news  (next post).

Here’s what else happened on that particular Sunday night after the van coasted to the curb (go back and read Part 1).  My son came home after a very long day of ministry- he does video production at Scottsdale Bible Church, and Sunday is a ‘work day’ with three services- looked at Erin and me as we sat at the table eating dinner and simply said, “How about if we do something different tonight, like play a board game?’

What a great idea! We all set aside our agendas, got Greyson into bed, and the kids introduced me to Settlers of Catan, a board game that, to my brain, wasn’t the easiest to jump into- but provided a couple of hours of family time…and surprise, surprise,  I won!

I so appreciated that Daniel was sensitive enough to suggest a different activity (no iphones, no texting, no laptops!) that occupied all three of us in an interactive way. We had not had any time together outside of packing, loading and unloading boxes, and cleaning. We had all been working very hard. We needed game time!

In this particular situation, although one of us made the suggestion, the other two had to make the commitment to set aside personal desires, and interact with a different activity.  Erin and I both chose to do that- and I’m glad we did.

Sometimes being together looks like this: everyone is in the same room, but we are each pursuing a different activity: someone is watching a movie, someone is editing photos on a laptop, someone is sending cards, etc.  Sometimes being together looks like this: everyone is participating in the same activity.

Seems like it is important for families to take time to do both. Good family activity should be a stress-reducer!

Do you keep your schedule open enough to allow for spontaneous suggestions of family time, whether it is a walk around the block with everyone in tow, or a board game, or reading a book to a little one with everyone listening?

OR is every evening filled with an out-of-house activity  by one or more family members?

OR does work (i.e., answering phone calls) spill over into the evening hours?

What does your family time look like?

If you need a different picture, give me a call, 614,804.0291, and let me give you a suggestion about an option.


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