Leaders inspire from their Why

Last night I attended a networking event for a group I recently discovered.  It was well-organized, provided opportunity for interaction, and I got a fantastic foot massage from Beth, an LMT on the scene! Thank you , Beth.

I had a meaningful conversation with Margaret, who, because of the seasonal nature of her business, is looking for not only an income stream, but wants to work with a team on a meaningful project.  She immediately mentioned a friend who is also ‘looking for something’ with purpose.  Margaret was intrigued by the program that my social entrepreneur business supports, the Give for Real program. We will get together next week so that I can share with her how we use our business model to provide nutrient-dense food to existing not-for-profit programs in a variety of countries, including the US, that are serving at-risk children. It’s a blessing to partner with a company that has a vision for changing the lives of five million children through its Give for Real program.

If you are personally looking for a purposeful project that includes an income stream, let’s talk.  I have an idea to share with you that could be transforming!

Contact me via phone or email: mari.dezago@gmail.com.


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