Family time and focus, Part 1

Today I am in Phoenix visiting with family: son Daniel and his wife Erin, and our oldest (and currently only) grandson Greyson.   We  have been packing boxes, loading and unloading the van, and were ready for the UHaul on Friday: the kids relocated a couple of miles away. This is a different-paced visit for sure, but in the midst of being in the ‘ugly stage of moving’ (something that we as a family have experienced many times!), working together to complete a major project provides great bonding!

To be available to family has been one of my major  motivations of being a social entrepreneur.  Since we are geographically separated from our family, having the freedom in my schedule to travel, whether it is simply a visit or to be of assistance, has been very important to me.  I have observed though, that whether family is around the corner, in the same town, an hour away, or in another state….a person chooses how much interaction to have with family.

We have been pushing very hard since I arrived on Tuesday night. Yesterday we all hit the wall. As we left the old house, with a loaded van and three people in various stages of the need for food, the van wouldn’t start.  After several attempts, we prayed.  God was gracious and answered prayer: we did get home, the van stalled out twice in the short trip, and the last stall out happened about 200 yards from the front door.   I was able to maneuver the van safely through the last two turns even without power steering.

We ate some lunch, made a couple of phone calls and realizing we couldn’t do anything to further the repair process….we crashed. We got horizontal and took much needed power naps, although I don’t know if two hours qualifies as a power nap!

It would have been very easy to have been frustrated at the van situation.  I couldn’t get the cleaning project done on my timetable. But I saw the situation as God intervening and requiring both Erin and me to simply rest.  We needed it!

This morning, at the suggestion of my friend, I called our auto insurance company and discovered that towing of the kids’ van was covered under our policy. Fantastic!  Greyson and I sat on the sidewalk together and watched the entire process: we even filmed some of it (tow truck like Mader, flashing lights, saying good-bye to the van).  Now we are headed to a new park for an explore.  The joys of being a nana!

When one door of happiness closes, another opens. But often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us.  Helen Keller

What door are you focusing on-  the closed one, or the open one?

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