Do you take a multi-vitamin/mineral?

A picture is worth a thousand words.

What happens when you bake REAL FOOD in the oven? Yes, it starts to brown: think vegetables, grains…
What happens when you take Mannatech’s Real Food supplements like PhytoMatrix, our vitamin & mineral complex, or our MannaBears, our chewable gummy bear-like fruit and vegetable supplement for kids, and bake them?
Look at the photo below… they start to turn brown!
Now look at all of the others! For identification, the supplements in the left column are from the bottle, the ones on the right are from the oven after  baking @ 350 degrees for 10 minutes. Again Mannatech’s products turn brown, the others turn black, leaching synthetic ingredients (think petroleum, coal tar, etc.) (Photo courtesy of Ron Roy, Naples, FL)

What's in your vitamin?

FYI, about 95% of all supplements sold are synthetic.  That is, the ingredients are extracted from petroleum, coal tar, and rocks. If your multi is one of those, your body doesn’t recognize the multi as food, but instead the body has the added stress on kidneys and liver to process out the ingredients because they are toxic!
If you’d like to know more, including information on how to validate the multi that you are taking, click here. On the website, watch the short but compelling video, then click the big red “Switch Now”  button.  On this page, click on “How Real is Your Vitamin?” for a downloadable PDF that will help you evaluate your current multi.
Now that you know, would you like to make a switch?  Give me a call, 614.804.0291.

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