A short comment about losses this week- somewhat random, and certainly not my usual topic of thought. Keep reading.

The Yankees’ loss last night definitely closes the door on the baseball season in our home.  Because my husband was born in the shadow of Yankee stadium (the old one) we are died-in-the-wool-midnight-blue-pinstripe-Yankee fans. Greyson (our first grandson) even had those colors on his nursery walls. Check out the scoreboard!

But if you don’t play like a champion, you don’t deserve to be recognized as a champion. It looked like the team checked out after they clinched their first title, AL Eastern Division, and seemed to play with a ‘let’s not lose’ attitude. And guess what…they lost!

A winner has an attitude of  ‘Let’s win.’ And he stays in the game until the very end, in this case, when the last out of the World Series has been called.

Second loss was Steve Jobs. He was dealing with an extremely serious health challenge.  His wealth bought him some time, but he died early, younger than I am. His death confirms to me that in the long run, good health trumps money. (‘If you haven’t got your health, you haven’t got anything!’ The six-finger man of Princess Bride movie fame said this.)

Investing in your  health, choosing the path of prevention, is your responsibility. It’s never too late to start!

What have you done today to invest in yourself? I’d be delighted to read your comment below.

BTW, there is a connection here with my usual topics of wellness, optimal health and business.  Do you see it?


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