Bumps in the Road Avoided!

Catching up!

If you’ve made some lifestyle changes that are putting you on the right path to getting to your ideal size, you know that there are any number of events, attitudes, habits that can unravel your progress. Traveling is one of those scenarios.

My September  included back-to-back trips to Seattle and Chicago.  Of course, it is always a bonus when trips include not only business but family and friends as well, and such was the case with these two trips.

When friends and family have made their own decisions to eat healthy, mealtime is a great time to experience new foods and new recipes.  My college house-mate Bev and her husband Bryan hosted me in Seattle for a couple of nights.  Bev became involved in a food co-op this past summer and had fresh fruits and veggies each week along with recipes.  It was fun to share in their new-food adventures and to experience the Seattle Market.

Fun sidewalk trio at Seattle Market

My extended family in the Chicago area is committed to eating healthy as well, and our birthday party for Mom (celebrating 89 years and going strong!) included a delightful tilapia dish that my brother grilled, waldorf salad (which my mom and I made), and a couscous dish, the recipe of which I have shared with a small group.  Of course we did have some delicious chocolate birthday cake, and that was OK.  After all, birthdays provide opportunities for special treats!

Brother Dan at work on a super meal

Mom's Chocolate Birthday Cake treat!

So thankfully, I was able to avoid the typical bumps in the road that travel brings! It is refreshing to know that travel can be an opportunity to stay on track!

Locally, I’m  a student again taking Wellness 101, a nutrition course at Wellness Forum, here in Columbus, taught by Dr. Pam Popper, ND, PhD.  Dr. Pam promotes a well-structured plant-based diet and provides not only instruction, but research to back up the guidelines she teaches. Dr. Pam not only talks the talk, but walks the walk, so her lectures include tips on how she puts the research into practical living. I’ll be sharing some insights from classes over the next few posts.

BTW, if you need some assistance in getting on track to optimal health—or back on track—get in touch with me. Let’s finish 2011 well!


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