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Dealing with Perfectionism

DONE is better than perfect.  Alan Weiss PhD

Yesterday I met Andrea, a college student who confessed that writing papers almost paralyzes her.  As we continued to talk, she shared that it was a perfectionism streak that stopped her from moving forward with a writing project.  She said that she had recently begun a new tactic: take action in spite of the fear.  I encouraged her by saying that she was being very wise in taking steps to overcome this limiting belief now, at her young age.  There are many adults who are paralyzed in life because they are afraid of taking the wrong step.

How do you operate on a daily basis: do you get a project done—or are you paralyzed by a perfectionist streak? Leave your comments below.


Leaders inspire from their Why

Last night I attended a networking event for a group I recently discovered.  It was well-organized, provided opportunity for interaction, and I got a fantastic foot massage from Beth, an LMT on the scene! Thank you , Beth.

I had a meaningful conversation with Margaret, who, because of the seasonal nature of her business, is looking for not only an income stream, but wants to work with a team on a meaningful project.  She immediately mentioned a friend who is also ‘looking for something’ with purpose.  Margaret was intrigued by the program that my social entrepreneur business supports, the Give for Real program. We will get together next week so that I can share with her how we use our business model to provide nutrient-dense food to existing not-for-profit programs in a variety of countries, including the US, that are serving at-risk children. It’s a blessing to partner with a company that has a vision for changing the lives of five million children through its Give for Real program.

If you are personally looking for a purposeful project that includes an income stream, let’s talk.  I have an idea to share with you that could be transforming!

Contact me via phone or email:

Family time and focus, Part 1

Today I am in Phoenix visiting with family: son Daniel and his wife Erin, and our oldest (and currently only) grandson Greyson.   We  have been packing boxes, loading and unloading the van, and were ready for the UHaul on Friday: the kids relocated a couple of miles away. This is a different-paced visit for sure, but in the midst of being in the ‘ugly stage of moving’ (something that we as a family have experienced many times!), working together to complete a major project provides great bonding!

To be available to family has been one of my major  motivations of being a social entrepreneur.  Since we are geographically separated from our family, having the freedom in my schedule to travel, whether it is simply a visit or to be of assistance, has been very important to me.  I have observed though, that whether family is around the corner, in the same town, an hour away, or in another state….a person chooses how much interaction to have with family.

We have been pushing very hard since I arrived on Tuesday night. Yesterday we all hit the wall. As we left the old house, with a loaded van and three people in various stages of the need for food, the van wouldn’t start.  After several attempts, we prayed.  God was gracious and answered prayer: we did get home, the van stalled out twice in the short trip, and the last stall out happened about 200 yards from the front door.   I was able to maneuver the van safely through the last two turns even without power steering.

We ate some lunch, made a couple of phone calls and realizing we couldn’t do anything to further the repair process….we crashed. We got horizontal and took much needed power naps, although I don’t know if two hours qualifies as a power nap!

It would have been very easy to have been frustrated at the van situation.  I couldn’t get the cleaning project done on my timetable. But I saw the situation as God intervening and requiring both Erin and me to simply rest.  We needed it!

This morning, at the suggestion of my friend, I called our auto insurance company and discovered that towing of the kids’ van was covered under our policy. Fantastic!  Greyson and I sat on the sidewalk together and watched the entire process: we even filmed some of it (tow truck like Mader, flashing lights, saying good-bye to the van).  Now we are headed to a new park for an explore.  The joys of being a nana!

When one door of happiness closes, another opens. But often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us.  Helen Keller

What door are you focusing on-  the closed one, or the open one?

Share your comments below.


Do you take a multi-vitamin/mineral?

A picture is worth a thousand words.

What happens when you bake REAL FOOD in the oven? Yes, it starts to brown: think vegetables, grains…
What happens when you take Mannatech’s Real Food supplements like PhytoMatrix, our vitamin & mineral complex, or our MannaBears, our chewable gummy bear-like fruit and vegetable supplement for kids, and bake them?
Look at the photo below… they start to turn brown!
Now look at all of the others! For identification, the supplements in the left column are from the bottle, the ones on the right are from the oven after  baking @ 350 degrees for 10 minutes. Again Mannatech’s products turn brown, the others turn black, leaching synthetic ingredients (think petroleum, coal tar, etc.) (Photo courtesy of Ron Roy, Naples, FL)

What's in your vitamin?

FYI, about 95% of all supplements sold are synthetic.  That is, the ingredients are extracted from petroleum, coal tar, and rocks. If your multi is one of those, your body doesn’t recognize the multi as food, but instead the body has the added stress on kidneys and liver to process out the ingredients because they are toxic!
If you’d like to know more, including information on how to validate the multi that you are taking, click here. On the website, watch the short but compelling video, then click the big red “Switch Now”  button.  On this page, click on “How Real is Your Vitamin?” for a downloadable PDF that will help you evaluate your current multi.
Now that you know, would you like to make a switch?  Give me a call, 614.804.0291.


A short comment about losses this week- somewhat random, and certainly not my usual topic of thought. Keep reading.

The Yankees’ loss last night definitely closes the door on the baseball season in our home.  Because my husband was born in the shadow of Yankee stadium (the old one) we are died-in-the-wool-midnight-blue-pinstripe-Yankee fans. Greyson (our first grandson) even had those colors on his nursery walls. Check out the scoreboard!

But if you don’t play like a champion, you don’t deserve to be recognized as a champion. It looked like the team checked out after they clinched their first title, AL Eastern Division, and seemed to play with a ‘let’s not lose’ attitude. And guess what…they lost!

A winner has an attitude of  ‘Let’s win.’ And he stays in the game until the very end, in this case, when the last out of the World Series has been called.

Second loss was Steve Jobs. He was dealing with an extremely serious health challenge.  His wealth bought him some time, but he died early, younger than I am. His death confirms to me that in the long run, good health trumps money. (‘If you haven’t got your health, you haven’t got anything!’ The six-finger man of Princess Bride movie fame said this.)

Investing in your  health, choosing the path of prevention, is your responsibility. It’s never too late to start!

What have you done today to invest in yourself? I’d be delighted to read your comment below.

BTW, there is a connection here with my usual topics of wellness, optimal health and business.  Do you see it?

Bumps in the Road Avoided!

Catching up!

If you’ve made some lifestyle changes that are putting you on the right path to getting to your ideal size, you know that there are any number of events, attitudes, habits that can unravel your progress. Traveling is one of those scenarios.

My September  included back-to-back trips to Seattle and Chicago.  Of course, it is always a bonus when trips include not only business but family and friends as well, and such was the case with these two trips.

When friends and family have made their own decisions to eat healthy, mealtime is a great time to experience new foods and new recipes.  My college house-mate Bev and her husband Bryan hosted me in Seattle for a couple of nights.  Bev became involved in a food co-op this past summer and had fresh fruits and veggies each week along with recipes.  It was fun to share in their new-food adventures and to experience the Seattle Market.

Fun sidewalk trio at Seattle Market

My extended family in the Chicago area is committed to eating healthy as well, and our birthday party for Mom (celebrating 89 years and going strong!) included a delightful tilapia dish that my brother grilled, waldorf salad (which my mom and I made), and a couscous dish, the recipe of which I have shared with a small group.  Of course we did have some delicious chocolate birthday cake, and that was OK.  After all, birthdays provide opportunities for special treats!

Brother Dan at work on a super meal

Mom's Chocolate Birthday Cake treat!

So thankfully, I was able to avoid the typical bumps in the road that travel brings! It is refreshing to know that travel can be an opportunity to stay on track!

Locally, I’m  a student again taking Wellness 101, a nutrition course at Wellness Forum, here in Columbus, taught by Dr. Pam Popper, ND, PhD.  Dr. Pam promotes a well-structured plant-based diet and provides not only instruction, but research to back up the guidelines she teaches. Dr. Pam not only talks the talk, but walks the walk, so her lectures include tips on how she puts the research into practical living. I’ll be sharing some insights from classes over the next few posts.

BTW, if you need some assistance in getting on track to optimal health—or back on track—get in touch with me. Let’s finish 2011 well!

Synthetic Vitamins- A Science Perspective

Great post by Mannatech’s CEO and Chief Science Officer reflecting real practicality, professionalism and passion. Check it out at