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Traveling challenges

Fluffy, bright yellow scrambled eggs; whole wheat raisin toast; a delightful glass of orange juice; a beautifully crafted glass bowl of fresh fruit – blueberries, raspberries, red seedless grapes, rainier cherries.  MMMMM!

Wow- what a super breakfast! Not in one of the restaurants along the road, but served to me with love and care by my Cincinnati friend Gina where I visited this past week.  Thank you Gina for a fantastic taste treat!

As I look over the first seven months of 2011, I realize that as we were on the road, it was rare indeed to have a meal so aligned with our home eating habits.  More typically, we had to make choices between good and OK, and seldom had a ‘best’ choice.

For example, we had a memorable dinner at a local diner in Benton, AZ last month. We got cleaned up in our motel room after a 5-mile late afternoon hike in the desert, hoping we could get a light meal someplace close instead of eating 1) nothing 2) microwave popcorn 3) my last food bar.  The hotel clerk called ahead to confirm we would be served- and we drove the short mile to the diner.

Little did we know…

The hostess/waitress gave us a friendly greeting and seated us as a second waitress kept on cleaning up.  Was the second waitress glaring at us?  Had there been an intense discussion about taking two more customers as they were closing up shop? We don’t know for sure.

We both ordered salad: Ed had a Greek salad, I ordered a spinach salad.  We thought preparation of a salad would be relatively easy, and quick.

Little did we know…

Ed amused himself by swinging at the flies that buzzed around us.

Bottom line-the atmosphere was awful…the wait was about 20 minutes…the flies killed numbered one. The waitress quipped, “It must have been dying already!”  Although Ed’s Greek salad was fine, my spinach was a good idea about two days ago!  The bright spot of the evening was our sincerely friendly waitress, although she disappeared for a while because she was probably the one making our salads.

We made it through the meal as quickly as we could: personally, I was thankful I had not ordered anything else.  We returned to our hotel and thanked the hotel clerk for his service to us.  We discovered that the diner was indeed our only option in town at 8 pm.

Traveling and eating.  To make certain that you don’t sabotage your new lifestyle choices for healthy eating, be prepared for the challenges that will inevitably face you.

  • Pack appropriate mid-morning, mid-afternoon snacks- protein/fiber food bars; almonds; apples; Mannatech PhytoBursts; water.
  • Know the principles of low-glycemic eating so that you can choose your best option at a restaurant.
  • Drink water with extra lemon at the restaurant: a great cleanser, refreshing,and  economically priced.
  • Remember portions in some restaurants are fit for two people. You might consider sharing an entre.
  • Do something active each day for 30-45 minutes: take a walk; work out in the hotel fitness room or swim.
  • Keep up your normal supplement regimen.
Your digestive system will thank you for staying the course.
How do you stay on target with your eating plan when you are traveling?