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Traveling is Not for Wimps!

Jan. 20 through February 14, Ed and I were on a mission trip on the other side of the world! Our focus of four countries involved ministry in Beijing, China; Kathmandu, Nepal (which I always thought had a wonderful romantic-sounding name: trust me, traveling through the streets removed any romantic delusion!); Pangon, Myanmar; Bangkok, Thailand and the Thai hill country. Photos of Kathmandu, street scenes.

The next few posts to this blog will perhaps provide some insight into global travel.

Dolores, an administrative assistant for the ministry, took care of all the details for the entire trip prior to our boarding the first plane. She even got mileage credited to our frequent flyer accounts, as well as priority rewards from the hotels!

For the first 24 hours, four of us traveled together from Columbus to Chicago and then to Beijing. In receiving the information packet from Dolores before we left, I realized that this was a very complex itinerary, with our party expanding up to ten at one point!

For me, letting someone else take care of all the details was a wonderfully stress-free way to travel. In communication with Dolores, I came to realize that she truly liked what she was doing for us! What a blessing!

Thank you, Dolores!

If you have the opportunity to travel, you might consider the benefits of having a professional take care of all the arrangements. Of course, the unexpected can happen, but we were thankful that our trip went off without a hitch! Excellent planning!

BTW, are you doing something that you love to do? Although often a job is simply a means to pay the bills, is there something you are doing outside of your job that lifts your spirits, that allows you to make a difference in someone else’s life? I hope so. I believe we can all agree that emotional and spiritual factors of wellness have an impact on both your finances and your physical health.

Life is too short to not enjoy each day! If you are not happy with your life, may I suggest that you take some time to reconsider what it is that gives you joy. I have a questionnaire that might get you thinking in the right direction. Email me and I’ll be glad to send it to you.

What are your thoughts?