Food Gifts are so much Fun!

Years ago, I can remember tuning into the idea of homemade and/or handmade gifts as a great way of dealing with my cash flow and taking personal baby-steps in becoming a better gift giver.

Along the way, I was introduced to the book The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. I realized that my love language is NOT gifts, which has helped me relax a little about my lack of enthusiasm  in selecting gifts for others. I think we tend to give what we want to get.

With that said, we as a ministry family have always been in a position to receive gifts of food. Now I have to tell you, that kind of a gift is one I have always appreciated!  At this time of year, of course, food gifts translate into pans of homemade nut bread, boxes of handmade candies, and more! mmmm!

So how does a diligent, committed-to-the-best-lifestyle-choices wellness coach handle this time of year?

Sometimes I handle the situation very well- there are some (not very many, but a few) seasonal treats that are just not appealing to me. Of course, I can’t think of even one right now! Sometimes I give in to tasting, OK, more than tasting: special breads, dark chocolate almond treats, turtles, shortbread cookies, oversize chocolate chip cookies… all call my name!

When I read Lucy’s post this morning, “How to eat so much candy,” I sat here at my computer and laughed out loud. Lucy was one of my first wellness coach mentors. Her thoughts helped me remember that we all have to develop some strategies for containing collateral damage!

Lucy, thanks for reminding me that laughing and enjoying the gift and the gift-giver is a priority. Keeping my commitment to a low-glycemic plan requires a thoughtful plan, and is a second priority!

So what’s your plan for this Christmas week?

I’d love to read your comments!


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