What’s Your Favorite Diet?

Since the early 70’s when I taught health as a Physical Education teacher, I have kept an eye on the noise about diets. As a Personal Wellness Coach for the last twelve years, my observation is that people are looking for a magic bullet. Unfortunately, upstart companies and entrepreneurs abound to provide what looks like a magic bullet.

Here’s an interesting post by Heather Hawkins, CPT, that might give you some new thoughts about a variety of current diets:

Fitness Trends Review

My personal experience  echoes many of Heather’s thoughts about calories, activity and portion size.

I would go even further and note that in order to get to your ideal size, there are two pre-steps necessary before you cut a single calorie or do one workout:

Know what your goal size is. Start with the end in mind: move incrementally…stay laser-focused on your ultimate goal.

An aside: Why do I say goal size rather than goal weight? Losing pounds does not guarantee that you will lose the fat- and fat is definitely what you need to lose. On typical weight-loss plans, a participant will lose 50% fat, 50% muscle. Losing muscle is NOT a goal!! If you choose to use  a supplement to help you in this process, don’t get sucked in by glitzy testimonials. Rather make sure the product is backed by scientific studies, which give evidence that you will lose more fat than muscle. Mannatech’s OsoLean ™ is such a product (and there is a great two for one promotional price going on right now through Dec. 24. For more information, go to www.mannatechosolean.com. To order, go to www.mymannapages.com/mkd.)

Know why you want to get there. Quite frankly, it usually can’t be for someone else: you need to come up with a reason why you need to get this done NOW, so that when the going gets tough (and it will, as you well know!), you will push through the challenge!!!

Bottom line: Diets don’t work! Read my previous post,  https://maridezago.wordpress.com/2009/02/25/dieting/

If you can name your favorite diet, the implication is that you have chosen one from a number that you have tried. If a plan only works short-term, it’s simply not a good plan.

Are you ready for a lifestyle change? Let’s talk!

I’d love to read your comments.


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