Cutting Calories- even in December!

Although it is certainly a very acceptable goal to not gain any weight during the holidays (remember we are not throwing in the towel and abandoning making better decisions this month), what if you could actually lose a few inches? What if you could keep your closet inventory down and  not have to buy another (i.e., bigger) size?

The following suggestions can be implemented at any time of year, but even choosing one NOW and sticking with it, could make a difference in how you start January, 2011.

One of the best ways to lose the fat  is to reduce caloric intake while taking the OsoLean(tm) powder*. In fact, these suggested behaviors to reduce your calories will serve you well for permanent weight loss.

  1. High Protein for Breakfast. The OsoLean(tm) powder is an excellent addition to breakfast in that it contains high protein (22 grams per serving).  Whatever you choose to eat for breakfast, add more protein. Why? Research has show that when an overweight person eats a high protein breakfast, s/he reduces appetite (and calories by 267) the rest of the day.
  2. Get 8 hours of sleep. People who do not get their proper 8 hours of sleep experience hormonal fluctuations that increase appetite.
  3. Start off with vegetable soup. When you sit down to eat lunch or dinner, start with a cup of vegetable soup (130 calories). Penn State researchers report that this causes a person to consume 20% lower calories overall during that meal.
  4. Give your brain something else to think about. When scientists scanned the brains of people eating different foods, they found that the brain reacts to fat in the mouth much the same as it responds to a good aroma. So when you feel a craving, apply one of your favorite scents!
  5. Give yourself very little choice. Packages that contain assorted varieties of cookies, candies, cheese, etc. make a person want to try them all. The effect is so powerful that researchers found that when someone is given 10 different colors of M&M’s, they eat 30% more than if they had only one color. Suggestion: Limit your choices.

Even now during December holiday challenges, you can make a decision to change your behavior. Even one behavior change can make a difference. I promise!

If there is anything I can do to help you on this journey to ‘lose the fat,’ just let me know.

*OsoLean(tm) is a nutritional product available for purchase from Mannatech (go to More information is available from Right now through December 24, there is special pricing through a promotional offer. Call me for details.

(The material in this blog is adapted from a newsletter ICANLOSEFAT by Merri-Jo Hillaker)


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