Holiday Strategies 2010

Thanksgiving week: what’s your food strategy for the next 7 weeks (that takes you through New Years week-end)?

The food temptations have already started- that’s obvious!

This Thursday is a biggie: regardless of your setting (unless you are totally alone), there will be piles of food– most of it high carbs, which means definite nutritional challenges.

Remember that fruits and vegetables are carbs: yes, more nutrient dense and therefore theoretically better than refined carbs, but carbs, nevertheless.

The social situations that you will find yourself in over the next seven weeks require that you decide on a plan of action ahead of time. There is a NECESSITY for a decision prior to getting to the food table!

So here are some choices for your plan of action:

1. Throw in the towel for healthy choices and say, ‘I’ll start January 2, like I have every year!’

2. Wear a sign to the family gathering that says: I am eating low-glycemic now and watching my carb intake. I’m not going to eat THAT!

3. Bring a dish that is low-glycemic, that tastes good (no need to sacrifice good taste), and that you can count on for good nutrition. You know there will be at least one healthy food choice. You might re-read the suggestions from the previous post (link to Healthy Science blog).

4. Remember that you ALWAYS  have a choice. If the vegetables are dripping in butter or a cream sauce, leave them alone! Pick one that is ‘cleaner, more fresh.’

5. Practice portion control! Take a sliver of Aunt Mary’s excellent pumpkin pie, not a slice that is 1/6 of the pie! Make a decision ahead of time about sampling ALL of the pies available. You ALWAYS have a choice.

I would encourage you to practice #3-5. You WILL feel better, you WILL enjoy the day better, and if you send me an email that you made one or more of these choices (#3-5), I will be extra proud of you! You are heading down the right path.

What’s your strategy? Do you have one? Feel free to leave a comment.






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