An Unspoken Benefit

If you haven’t been into an activity habit, it can be very hard to appreciate the benefits you are missing! Let me tell you about one benefit that is typically unspoken.

This week I am in Phoenix, visiting my grandson, Greyson (and his parents of course!). Greyson is 15 months old and constantly on the move!  He is indeed a reminder that parenting- and grandparenting- is not for wimps! Good thing I’m in shape!  It’s a decision I recommitted to about 6 years ago. Here’s what happened.

Right after Daniel and Erin got married in July, 2004, Ed, Nathan and I took a trip that included driving through Joshua Tree National Park in CA. We pulled off the side of the road frequently and climbed the huge rock formations. As I realized the time of life that we were now entering (first son married, inevitable arrival of grandchildren sometime in the future), I recommitted to stay in shape, to be physically active, to pursue my business which would allow freedom in my schedule so that I would be able to be an involved nana wherever we lived and wherever the kids lived.

What a blessed year this has been! Since Greyson has arrived on the scene in Phoenix (and we still live in Columbus), my commitment has been to see him about every two months. I am happy to report that I have been able to keep that schedule.

Regular interaction between Greyson and me is a significant factor in our relationship. This visit included taking responsibility here for Greyson as his parents had their first overnight away. Greyson and I have taken long walks and played at the various neighborhood parks daily. I have gone down the slides with him; I have crawled into our homemade tent with him; I have greeted him in the morning at 6:30 or so and put him to bed about 7:30 pm- and enjoyed the fact that he takes a mid-day nap- although sometimes it isn’t even long enough to write a blog!

I share all of this to say to my friends who are currently grandparents, and to those who are anticipating this fun stage of life, because it’s important that you keep yourself physically able to participate in your grandchildren’s lives. Some of you have nieces and nephews and you are very involved in their lives. Same suggestion. To stay involved in their lives, keep yourself- or get yourself- into the best physical, mental and spiritual shape you can. The investment is real and could be costly. Choices are involved.

But the dividends are tremendous.

This week is about making memories that are bonding us for life. Rich dividends indeed!

Greyson, Nov. 15, 2010



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