Lifestyle lessons from the Garden

“Lessons from My Garden” needs a conclusion! (Read my previous post to catch up.)

My choices for what to pull from the garden required little thought. We had deliberately planted the Black-eyed Susans and the grasses, so they got spared. The wildflowers and the morning glories had to go. They were all over the place!  The morning glories were not too choosy, climbing on whatever might support them: the bird feeder stand, the tomato cage, sturdy weed stalks, bamboo stakes.

A few weeding rules emerged: Find the base of the plant, then the root. Pull it out- gently, completely. Take as little soil as possible- leave it for the good plants. Get to the biggest plant: removing it will make the most visible difference and the progress will be encouraging. Do things orderly: you can’t tackle everything at one time. Don’t forget to step back and enjoy the progress! Set another goal. Work within a time limit. Get it done.

As I was weeding, I continued to think about the process we have to go through to overcome bad habits in our own lives.

For example, you can’t root out all of your bad habits at one time.

My suggestion: take stock of what you are doing right. I kept the Black-eyed Susans and grasses, remember? So know what you are doing right, and keep it up!

Make a decision about where you will start. There are several daily habits that can make a major difference in your health and well-being. In fact, one of my business mentors, Jim Rohn, talks about targeting half-a-dozen daily habits that will affect your health, your business, success or failure.  He said it this way:

Success is a few simple disciplines practiced every day.                                                                                                 Failure is a few errors in judgment repeated every day. Jim Rohn

Tackle the habit or discipline that is the most out of alignment with your goals. Getting on track in this area could yield the fastest results- which would be encouraging, which would mean you keep doing it, which means you get more results. Now that would be a good cycle to be in!

Early November is a great time to begin making significant changes in your daily lifestyle choices. We just had the time change; family’s activity schedules are changing so perhaps you can deliberately choose to write in regular personal activity; weather changes mean food changes, and fall and winter vegetables make excellent soups and provide variety to salads.

Get a few good habits in place- see some results- before the holiday schedule totally takes over and sabotages your efforts for positive change!

Food for thought!

When you are committed to change, what works for you? Feel free to leave a comment.



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