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Thinking about Skipping Breakfast?

Think again.

For me, it is not an issue. I’m thankful that I have always been a morning person. That means that I get up in the morning, I don’t mind it, and I’m ready to start my day- typically eating breakfast within about an hour of getting up. I believe that my family will confirm that I am not cranky in the morning. Fortunately, my husband and both boys were, and are, morning people as well.

One of my favorite memories in being a homeschooling family is that our morning schedule was not rushed. Most mornings, we sat down and ate breakfast together! What a great way to start the day!

Although at the time I wasn’t as aware of the differences in the quality of food as I am now, I know that the boys had very rare access to sugared cereals (camp or overnights at a friend’s house), yet they both would eat something for breakfast.

Once I started my own wellness business and we had access to a variety of real food products, they became fond of our meal replacement drink mix. One summer, when they both had two jobs, whoever got home first from the night job would made a blenderful of the drink mix, to which they would add raw eggs…and a few scoops of ice cream. I know…no wonder they liked it!

However, even now as married young men, they both periodically enjoy the same drink mix because it’s easy, it’s chocolate, it tastes great, and they know it’s got good stuff in it and will last them through the morning.

The article that you can read here gives interesting observations about breakfast skippers. There are a number of side effects that kick in when you don’t break the fast of the night: the hungry hormone rages and you eat anything in sight, typically a carb (bagel, donut, brownie, whatever is in the office break room); emotions may not be held in check (sugar lows?), so you go get something to eat (bagel, donut, brownie, whatever is in the office break room); fuzzy thinking may set in, so you go get something to eat (bagel, donut, brownie, whatever is in the office break room) Are we seeing a pattern here? There’s more.

So what should you eat? *

As with every feeding, it seems best to have some protein, some carbohydrate. The proportion of these macronutrients varies with your body type. If you want to take a straight-forward but uncomplicated survey to determine  the proportion of p/c/f that is best for your metabolism, send me an email at  and I’ll send the survey  to you.

Bottom line: Are you a breakfast eater, or a breakfast skipper?

How is that working for you?

*More specifics next time!