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Need Some Help?

Although it is possible, it can be difficult to make lifestyle changes on your own: gutzing it out, acting on sheer personal determination, bringing your will under complete control have to become the dominating descriptions of your new behavior. Would you agree?

You may have read articles that document the benefit of working with a coach, or even a buddy, to achieve the best results when making lifestyle changes (including the much-dreaded exercise factor).

From a recent Health Tip of the Day that I received this week: A study in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that people who had a brief monthly chat with a coach maintained more weight loss than people who didn’t have a coach. (Copyright Hilton Johnson Productions, Inc. All Rights Reserved. To subscribe to this complimentary Health Tip, go to:

In another article posting a study that evaluated the most effective kind of diet, the researchers found that

“As long as your diet is balanced and healthy overall, you can lose weight    and keep a good amount of it off if you watch the calories. The researchers thought it significant that those who attended at least 2/3 of the counseling sessions lost an average of 22 pounds, compared to the participants who didn’t get counseling and lost an average of 9 pounds overall.”

The study lasted two years. Counseling included both individual and group sessions throughout the study. Read the details here:

If you are open to a brief monthly call with a qualified coach, contact me (614.888.6508) or by email (

Have a safe July 4th week-end. Thank a veteran or someone serving on active duty for their role in preserving our independence. As is written at the Ground Zero memorial, May We Never Forget!