She’s 87 and Quite a Lady, Part 2

(Part 2 of my Toastmaster #10 Project, an inspirational talk. My setting is a mother-daughter event at church)

Back to mom’s day: after a short break from exercise class, Mom and her Service Team start to gather the residents from the third floor and bring them down to chapel for a service. Early afternoon, the Service Team gathers those residents who want to join the Root Beer Float Party: Mom loves root beer floats. Enjoying this special treat was something we did together when I would visit her: sometimes she had the root beer on hand, sometimes the ice cream. Of course, because one of us had gotten the taste for a root beer float, we made a quick trip to the Jewel grocery store to get the missing piece, but it was so much fun to know that you could “add a little bit more root beer, add a little bit more ice cream” to finish it just right- something you can’t do if you just buy a root beer float at the ice cream store!

Back to Plymouth Place: After root beer floats, the group  enjoys an old movie together. Last week after everyone had been delivered back in his or her room, Mom went home and applied fertilizer to all of her plants because ‘ everything was wet, and it was going to rain…so you have to do it.’ The last thing on her list was to pay bills “so I don’t pay late fees, you know.” In the evening, Mom may have had a visit with Jaimie, her almost-college-graduate granddaughter, who stops by regularly for special time with Nana.

Another side of Mom that is filled with activity is motivated by a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  We are so very thankful that she has the confidence that her next home will be in heaven with Jesus. Although Mom attends church and Sunday School on a weekly basis, she is also involved in a weekly Bible study that requires daily homework. Sometimes she calls up my husband who’s a pastor: “Ed, I’ve got this question. I was at the Bible study the other day- and I kept my mouth shut. I knew they were wrong. Now here’s my question…” Besides simply attending church, for years Mom assisted in the church nursery taking care of the babies so that parents could attend the worship service or moms could attend the weekly Bible study with one or two less distractions. Mom provides transportation- yes, she still drives- for several of her friends to their weekly senior fellowships at church. She calls them, tells them when she will be picking them up. After their lunchtime, she takes each of them back home.

Mom’s commitment to serving others- even those she doesn’t know- prompted her to  initiate two projects at two local churches: she decorated a box and made announcements for collecting Bibles, used Christian material and devotionals. Mom packs up the material in boxes, takes them to the Post Office, pays the postage, sending them to Love Packages, a ministry that ships the material overseas to pastors and churches who have little or nothing to share with those in their congregations and villages.

Her second project is collecting Christmas cards and stamps for the prisoners at Cook Country jail. She knows the chaplain there- and this is a way to help him minister to the needs of those he is called to serve.

(Conclusion tomorrow- what can we learn from this lady’s life?)


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