When You Have to Choose

Here’s something for which I am very thankful: I don’t diet!

In the last six months, I have traveled to Phoenix, Costa Rica, and Chicago. I have stayed with family, as well as luxuriated in a fantastic all-inclusive resort. Besides the settings, holidays seem to hit us all year long: the ‘end-of-the-year’ holiday season now starts in October (remember Halloween candy and parties!) and we just celebrated Easter. In other words, life provides a variety of  ‘eating’ situations! Very few of them offer ‘perfect’ options!

We have to learn to make the best choices based on solid principles.

So if you are at a family member’s house, and they don’t eat exactly the way that you need to, what do you do? You could:

1. Make a statement that this isn’t the way you usually eat- and boycott the meal. (Not recommended if you want to stay in the family!)

2. Provide a healthy dish if possible, as in, bring something you enjoy and know that the family will as well. (A good option if you are driving, not recommended if you are flying!)

3. Look for the best options of what is offered and pass on the rest. (Preferred to number 1 even if it leaves you a bit hungry.)

When you find yourself in a situation over which you have little control of the choices, it would be good to remember some low-glycemic rules. I posted a list on May 20, 2009. (A Few Good Principles to Eat By) You might want to access it (check the side bar list).

Another thought is to remember the rule of moderation. A little bit of something that is not on your “list” may be more enjoyable and better for your stress level than an attitude of perfectionism that doesn’t allow deviation. Throughout the numerous courses I have taken with a variety of instructors, I have heard continually that you can get the results you want with 90% compliance. So go ahead, give yourself a little wiggle room!

Food is typically provided in a social setting. So make the best choices, and enjoy your family and friends!


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