Is this a good excuse?

My dog died and I used to walk him twice a day as my exercise.

We went on vacation.

I had family  visiting from out of town.

I WAS family visiting from out of town.

We have been having a family crisis all summer.

I don’t have time.

It’s been too hot/wet/humid.

I eat more when I exercise.

I don’t like to exercise. (Ah, here is a thought to consider.)

I have been taught that when you need an excuse, anything will do! I know from my own repertoire of excuses that this has been true for me many times.

In contrast, here are some thoughts from a good friend, Pam Popper, ND, (Wellnes Forum, Columbus, OH) about exercise and the excuses that are offered as to why clients don’t. Dr. Popper was offering comments from a speaker on a talk show she had heard.

“Liking exercise is great if you do, but the reality is you have to do it whether you like it or not. People have to do things all the time they do not like in order to be successful, and exercise is one of them. He really landed on people who insist they don’t have the time. Exercising one hour per day, if you do it every single day, represents less than 4% of your time. Exercising 5 days per week for an hour represents only 4.5% of your waking hours, assuming you sleep 8 hours per night. There is absolutely no reason you cannot commit 4-4.5% of your time to engage in an activity that can save your life.

He further stated that if someone offered you the opportunity to make an extra $300,000 per year if you spent one hour per day without fail on a particular endeavor, would your response be “I don’t have the time…or… I don’t like that particular activity?” Of course not! You wouldn’t make excuses because the stakes would be too high.

So, there are no valid excuses. Just say you’re not going to exercise if you’re not, but stop telling yourself and others that you are busy, don’t like it, or had to take time away for travel, houseguests or other distractions. Successful people, including people who maintain optimal health, find the time to do things that are important, and discipline themselves to do the right things daily.”

I agree. What are your thoughts?


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