Keep the Appointment

Today in our ToastMasters Club ™, one of our members shared a tip that I believe is worth passing on to you who are committed to regular activity as part of your lifestyle. This tip may be especially helpful if you are in the beginning stages of change.

The suggestion for activity is typically 3-5 days of at least 30  (preferably 45) minutes of activity.

First: Make a commitment to yourself that you will do it a certain number of days per week.

Second: Record your exercise time as an appointment. There is evidence you will be less likely to break (or forget) an appointment  that you have written down.

And now, PK’s suggestion: Keep the appointment regardless of how the circumstances flow. If you are running late, keep the appointment. If something emotional upsets you, keep the appointment (exercise could be just what you need). Keeping the appointment, even if you have to cut down the time, is helping you to establish the habit.

I agree.

Keep the appointment!

What has been your experience? Would you share a comment?


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