Summer journey

Sure feels like summer is flying by, doesn’t it? Have you enjoyed some pool or beach time, or perhaps some backyard grilling times with family and friends?

Have you had the time and the energy to keep up with the schedule changes that come with the summer? Have you taken walks and simply enjoyed the warmth of the sun? Being here in Ohio, I am always excited to have sunny days, and sometimes I simply go outside and stand on the porch and soak in the sun, if just for a few minutes.

Did you get to your ideal size before summer hit? Although July is coming to a close, there are still enough weeks left to drop a size for Labor Day outdoor activities if you get started now making some positive lifestyle changes. It’s never too late to make some moves in the right direction of regular physical activity!

With nice weather the norm, it can be easier to increase activity, but reducing calories?

Backyard get-togethers can be a challenge to good eating, right? Here’s a suggestion. When you are invited to join family or friends for a shared meal, offer to bring something that you know fits into good nutritional choices. That way you know you will have at least one good thing to eat! If you are bringing a pasta dish, throw in some beans (good protein) or some diced chicken. Use plain yogurt or a mix of yogurt and mayonnaise with your waldorf salad or other salad that uses a mayo dressing. Choose to not have a white bread bun with the hamburger or hot dog.

This link should prove helpful for other ideas:      

Bottom line: How is your summer journey going? Today is a good day for evaluation. If you are satisfied where you are, kudos to you. If you need to change course, get started now. Give yourself  momentum and success for the rest of 2009!

If there is anything I can do for you, just let me know. Contact me by phone, 614.888.6508, or by email,


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