My Answer to the Question Why?

Five years ago, our family traveled out to Modesto, CA, as our oldest son Daniel married Erin. What a joyous time! Ed, our 20 yr old son Nathan, and I had planned an extended time after the wedding to drive south and explore Joshua Tree NP, east of San Diego. We started our drive-through of the park. When we chose to, we stopped, got out of the car and climbed on the huge outcroppings near the road. It was a beautiful, sunny, warm day. I was with my family. We were healthy and able to be active. We took photos of us climbing and hiking.  We had no time constraints. We had just married off Daniel and gained a daughter.  Our family was growing!  All of a sudden it hit me. I KNEW WHY I WANTED TO BE HEALTHY AND LIVE OUTSIDE THE RESTRAINTS OF A JOB. I wanted to be able to climb on the boulders with my GRANDKIDS whom I knew were coming someday. I did not want to be stuck at the bottom taking photos because I couldn’t physically climb with them, or worse yet, be looking at photos of them climbing with someone else because I couldn’t be there because I was working. This was a defining moment for me. I had discovered a new level of motivation for success with my business and with the choices I would have to make on a daily basis.  I had to have optimal health and strong business success so that I could romp around with my grandkids the way I wanted to in the future. I found my deeper why.

What about you? Perhaps you know that you have to make a job or even a career change. Perhaps you know that you need to make some personal lifestyle changes to improve your health. Perhaps you know you need to make some difficult financial decisions that will change your lifestyle.

 Whatever your change, your primary reason for it may have a spiritual, practical, financial, intellectual, or emotional dimension to it.   I believe that if you take the time to explore why you need to make the change and then write down your discoveries, you will work through the change with more determination and better results than you have experienced previously.

My defining moment 5 years ago will take on flesh and blood this July as we welcome our first grandson to the family. How exciting to have stayed the course with both business and personal choices so that we can travel out to Phoenix and enjoy this new little one who is going to add another dimension to all of our lives.

Do you need to make a change that lasts? Be sure to ask yourself enough questions so that you can answer this question: Why am I doing this?


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