What about a buddy or a trainer?

Last time we talked about distractions. What about working out with a buddy? Since I walk/run for my cardio, I have noticed that if I am walking with someone, it does help the time go by much more quickly. Actually, I forget to count my laps!

A number of years ago, I was extremely regular with exercise because I had to get into my car in the parking lot (no garage) regardless of the weather, and pick up Susan at 6 a.m. to go to a nearby gym. I knew she would be waiting for me. She had 4 kids under the age of 8, and this was the best time for her to exercise and have her husband responsible for the kids. I sure didn’t want to call her house and tell her I couldn’t be there! So I started the process faithfully on the designated mornings. My buddy kept me going even when it was inconvenient.

However, intensity? I believe that suffers. According to my trainers, if you are in your target heart zone, you should be able to carry on a conversation- but would rather not. If you are unable to talk, and are gasping for air, you have crossed the line, and should back off. If you are carrying on a conversation like you are on the telephone, you are probably not at your target heart zone. (Please understand that I am talking about working on your general fitness and am not talking about training for an athletic event!)

An accountability partner, on the other hand, could be someone you simply report to rather than someone you work out with. Some of my clients have said that our weekly call was a definite motivation for action as they didn’t want to have to give a ‘zero’ report. If you need an accountability partner or coach, let me know. I can make a great recommendation!

What about working with a personal trainer? A great idea! I am working with Lauren from my gym. Lauren has a degree in exercise physiology, so she really knows her stuff! We make an appointment, and that elevates the commitment for me. We evaluated my starting point with various surveys and measurements, and talked about my goals. Lauren has a plan for my workout with her, and is focused on my efforts during our time together. She observes if what she is asking of me is not enough, or too much, and knows when I just need to push harder. She counts reps for me, and although that seems like a little thing, I’m very glad to hear her say, “Just one more.” She also says, ” OK, now let’s do that series again.”

Evaluate your own level of commitment. Will you make and keep an appointment with yourself? Do you need a buddy to work out with, an accountability partner or coach to report to, or a personal trainer who will be there to push you to your goals?

What’s your experience? You are invited to leave a comment!


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