Easter Blessings and Holiday Success

It is Easter week-end, and this year that means we are deeply into April. 
Although I celebrate the Christian message of resurrection and future hope that is shared throughout the world at Easter, you may simply, or additionally, see this Easter celebration as another challenge to your quest to get lean.
So if this week-end seems to present some challenges, let me offer some observations:
Holidays can include: 
*time off of a work schedule
*in-home guests
*unusual food
*kids being around all day
*dealing with the demands of kids being around all day
*more food
*challenges to any daily routine activity (i.e. exercise!)
*more food
You get the picture. You are living the picture!
So what to do…
You have some options:
**Throw in the towel and say, Hey I’ll start again next week! (This is a choice- easy to make, very popular!)
**Wear a sign that says “I am trying to lose weight and I’m into depriving myself.” (This too is a choice and, in case you haven’t noticed,  it is pretty difficult to hang around a person who is displaying a martyr’s attitude.)
**Choose your activities and foods wisely (this gets my personal vote). Be flexible in your schedule and have an eye toward opportunities for activity at a different time, even if it is a shorter time. This morning Ed and I went out for breakfast…we were doing a belated celebration of his birthday. That meant I didn’t go to the gym this morning. On top of that, it is raining, so an outside walk at Highbanks Park is not an option, but a different time for workout is. So I’m heading over to the gym soon. Another thought: be the one to initiate a ‘walk after the meal.’ It might not be brisk, or even close to the same pace you would normally walk, but moving is better than not!
What about food? If you are providing food, you are in charge (yeah!): make sure that you are offering healthy alternatives as munchies, non-sauce vegetable dishes, etc. and plenty of good water. Read the labels of the “vitamin water” and similar products before you consider them as options to soda. I have discovered that kids will drink water- and so will adults- if that is what is offered. 
If you are bringing a dish to share to a family gathering, make sure it is something you can eat without hesitation. There will be plenty of options that are not on anyone’s “healthy” list: you can choose to have a ‘condiment’ size portion, forego it completely, or pile it on. 
Remember, you are not alone in your venture to your optimal weight/size goal. As your coach, I come with the program!
If I can help you in anyway, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I look forward to hearing your Easter holiday success story.
Be blessed this Easter week-end, enjoy special family time, enjoy special foods…and realize that regardless of your situation, you always have a choice. It starts with your attitude.

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