Extra weight does affect your lifespan

This news might not be big news to you. Actually, it might seem like no big deal if you are in your twenties or thirties. However, at some point, you have to come to grips with the effect that extra weight has on your life. 

The article posted at http://health.yahoo.com/news/healthday/obesitytakesyearsoffyourlife.html  cites the results of a study that examined other studies to see a correlation between obesity, overweight, and lifespan. No surprise to many: moderate obesity shortens lifespan by as much as three years. Moderate obesity is fifty to sixty pounds overweight. Carrying around an extra 150 pounds can cost you ten years of living. 

The loss of a few extra years of living may not seem like a significant price to pay when you think you have decades ahead of you. I would offer another perspective, however. When your life is full, when you have passion, purpose, and people that you care about, losing a few years because of extra weight is an unacceptable thought. When you have children or grandchildren who love you, making the right daily choices seems very worthwhile.

In July, 2004, we traveled to Modesto, CA where our oldest son, Daniel, married Erin. As a special family vacation, ‘since we were out there,’ Ed, Nathan and I drove down the coast and hiked in Joshua Tree National Park. Climbing on huge boulders together inspired me to declare a new motivation for staying in optimal health. Grandchildren, I figured, were inevitable. I wanted to be the kind of grandparent who was climbing boulders with the grandchildren, not simply taking photos of them at the bottom. Five years later, that inspiration is getting some flesh and blood, as we are anticipating the arrival of our first grandson in early July. Whoohoo!

What’s your motivation, your inspiration for shaping up? Ultimately, you have to be doing it for yourself, no one can coerce you into making excellent lifestyle choices.  If you have not been able to get started, or keep going, you might just need think through and write down a new motivation for making the lifestyle changes necessary for you to get to your ideal size. Wouldn’t that be fun to discover a new reason for staying around for a few more years!

Give me a call if you need to talk to someone about this. I’m available.


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