Being Honest

Have you gotten used to using a GPS to get you quickly to a new destination? I certainly have!

Regardless of the features your GPS has, one of the requirements in getting accurate directions is having an accurate starting point, wouldn’t you agree?

As basic as it sounds, one of the necessary components of a weight management/fatloss program is to have an honest picture of where you are as you start. To me, determining your starting point is a good reason

to look at yourself carefully in the mirror…

to take accurate measurements…

to keep a food journal for a week before you make any drastic changes…

to wear a pedometer (counts all of your steps).

Yesterday, we were vendors at a local bridal show. We had a full-length mirror at our booth. We posted this on the mirror:

The Photo Shoot of Your Life. Be Ready.

Wedding photos are a permanent memory,  not only for the bride and groom, but for the entire family. You will look at them again and again. If you are the bride/groom, bride or groom’s parents, or a member of the bridal party, you may eventually display a photo on your wall where not only you, but every guest in your home, will be able to see what you looked like on that wedding day. 

Make a conscious decision to look your very best. 

Perhaps some of the most difficult conversations yesterday were those we didn’t have. Young ladies who didn’t stop by to talk with us…those who avoided looking in the mirror. 

Throughout the show, I also talked with several wedding coordinators. One of them told of a client she had who didn’t want to order her dress in a timely way because she wanted to lose some weight first. This decision was frustrating to the wedding coordinator because she had seen this happen before: the girls just don’t lose the weight or inches on their own the way they think they will. Delaying the dress order can simply compound the stress for everyone.

To accurately get directions to a new destination, you have to accurately assess your starting point. I encourage you to take the time to do that. If you need some assistance in your assessment, or you need some assistance in charting a path to the new you, get in touch with me. 

Here’s a suggestion for an honest assessment. Today is March 9. In a short few months, it will be swimsuit season. Slip into last year’s suit. How do you look in the mirror? Be honest.

Re-read my first post. I’d be glad to coach you to achieving your goals.

What do you think?


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