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So, What works?

“Diet” in today’s culture implies a short-term food plan. Although ‘diet’ means “the usual kind of food and drink for a person or animal,” most of the time it is used to describe “any special selection of food eaten in sickness, or to make oneself fatter or thinner.”

Dieting is a topic that is consuming our culture, and with good reason. About 66% of us in the US are overweight, about 32% of that number is obese, and perhaps 5-10% is considered morbidly obese.

It seems that choosing one diet plan over another is a plan for short-term success at best, and more typically,  long-term failure. 

The only solution is to make lifestyle choices that you can maintain…for life!

What is your experience? Do diets work?


Dieting Doesn’t Work!

It’s obvious that dieting doesn’t work. 

Why do I say that? 

Let me give you some stats (not always the most exciting to read, for sure, but in this case, I think you’ll be blown away!) (Numbers in parentheses correspond to references below the stats)

More people are dieting: (4)

                     45% of men diet- in 2002, 10%

                     61% of women diet- in 2002, 23%

More often: The number of dieting attempts per year increased from 2.5 in 2004 to 4

in 2007.(5)

3. For Longer Periods:

                    The average time on a diet is 10 weeks. (1)

                    The average dieting woman spends 6.4 months a year on a diet. (2)

                    The typical dieter starts at age 20 and continues until age 60+.(1)

                     The typical US woman dieter spends at least 21 YEARS of her life dieting!

1. GLGi: (NYC) The US Diet Market Outlook—2008 and Beyond. Gerson Lehman Group. March 2008.

2. Online Dieter Research Report. 4th Quarter 2007. Marketdata Enterprises, Inc. January 2008.

4. Weight Control Products. Mintel Reports. March 2007.

5. National Consumer Survey. Calorie Control Council. August 2007.


So the result of all this dieting is that at least 2/3 of us are overweight, AND almost 1/3 are obese (BMI of 30+)! 

So I say again, dieting doesn’t work!

But are the statistics about dieting true in your own experience? Think of your immediate family- mom, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, grandparents, cousins. What are the dieting patterns?  

Where do you fit into all this? 

Let me know. Post your comment! I’d love to hear from you.